Below are answers to a few frequently asked questions. If you don't find your question here, please submit your query on the contact page.

Q: Do you do video?

A: Yes! We offer HD video services for recitals, concerts, and auditions. Click the link below to visit our YouTube channel to see some samples of our work.

Q: Do you have special pricing for students?

A: Yes. Many of our most valuable clients are talented students at the UC College-Conservatory of Music, and we realize the financial realities facing students. TTL offers the same top quality services through student recital recording packages that provide substantial savings over our usual hourly rates. Contact us for details.

Q: You are recording my recital. When do I pay?

A: I am usually paid in full at the conclusion of your performance. Cash or checks are accepted, as well as Venmo and Zelle electronic funds transfer.

Q: As a student, doing my own recordings on my Zoom is good enough, isn't it?

A: That depends. What is the recording to be used for? If it is to listen to yourself in rehearsal or monitor your progress in music preparation, then fine. But if you intend to provide a recording to anyone for the purpose of public exhibition or critical assessment, then absolutely no ... not if you want to be taken seriously as an aspiring professional. Consider these words from a famous professor of cello:

"I constantly see evidence of the decline of the recording arts. It drives me nuts to see musicians putting up cheap $100 USB mics into their laptop positioned in awful places when it's an important recital. Then they post these terrible recordings of recitals on YouTube and I just want to rip out my hair. It's a real problem. I do my best to instill in my students the importance of getting quality recordings and that it is worth it to pay money for it. It's ridiculous to practice so much for a performance and not have a quality archive of it. I also push them to get a quality recording after their recital while it's still fresh in their fingers to develop a good library of recordings of their performances that they can use in their career. It's absolutely necessary, it's not an option."

The fact is that you will be judged against your peers in a highly competitive market. You work very hard to achieve the highest musical standard ... so why would you NOT present yourself to the world in the most professional manner possible?

Q: Why should I hire TTL?

A: If quality matters and you want peace of mind, you must hire an experienced professional. Period. When considering a service to hire to make that important recording for you, ask a few questions:

∙ How many years of professional experience do they have?
∙ What is their philosophy on sound capture and processing?
∙ Who have they worked or apprenticed with?
∙ Are they themselves a musician and can read an open score?
∙ Do they run redundant security backups at all times?
∙ Do they monitor sound on-site, and know how to listen?
∙ Do they own a wide variety of mics for different situations/needs?
∙ Have their recordings been broadcast?
∙ Have they engineered sound for classical record labels?

At TTL, we know how to show you in your best light and we take complete care in providing that for you. It is something we've done for countless musicians for over 20 years ... and it will show in what we can do for you.