"[T]he crystal clear recording is a tour de force demonstration not only of the sonic potential of the oboe but the other wind instruments ... kudos must be bestowed on (the) recording and production of music, absolutely top shelf, with every instrument clearly present, resonate and balanced, making the CD a rare treasure to cherish."

Joel C. Thompson, Cherry Grove Music Review of A Higher Place, MSR Classics CD 1668

"Rabin, Ruggiero Ricci, Milstein, Isaac Stern, Zino Francescatti, and—dare I say it, even Heifetz ... the recorded sound here exceeds anything those masters could have imagined. Breathtaking and urgently recommended."

Robert Maxham, Fanfare review of Romantic Journey, MSR Classics CD 1613

"I am delighted with the outstanding quality of audio recordings of CCM choral and choral/orchestral programs and Knox Music Series programs by Michael Hughes of TTL Audio Productions. In each production, Michael has carefully assessed the performance venues and recorded dress rehearsals, enabling first class audio recordings of performances that have served CCM and Knox well for archival, broadcast, streaming, and publicity purposes."

Earl Rivers, Director of Choral Studies, University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music

"Michael and TTL Audio are consummate recording professionals who have exceeded my expectations on each project on which we have collaborated. His willingness to be flexible, recording expertise, professionalism and kindness are very much appreciated. I fully endorse Michael and TTL Audio and look forward to our next collaboration."

Robert Johnson, Associate Principal Horn of the Houston Symphony

"Michael Hughes does fantastic work! Can't recommend him enough!"

Jennifer Cherest Flory, operatic soprano

"It is good to encounter a disc with a programme which has been so lovingly compiled and played, excellently recorded and presented with notes and photographs helpful and interesting to the listener."

John Sheppard, MusicWeb International review of Of Another Time, MSR Classics CD 1362

“I reserved my enthusiasm because I did not want to bias the performer before she saw the video, but both the performance and the video are beyond stunning and as better than I could have dreamed them to be."

Miguel Roig-Francoli, composer

"Oh my gosh! I'm listening to the CD right now in utter disbelief. How in the world did you get such a clean recording under the circumstances we presented you with? Amazing! I won't give you a blow-by-blow, but I'd like to say that the guitar and mandolin pieces could pass for a studio recording. I can't imagine how you captured such delicate sounds without picking up bugs sneezing two blocks away. And we love the acoustic environment you put us in. Wow! You did a lot more work than simply hanging some mics, taking a level, and 'rolling tape'. Great job, man! We are very happy customers!"

James Kellaris, musician and composer

"... a demonstration-class recording."

Organ Historical Society review of Of Another Time, MSR Classics CD 1362

"Thank you so much for sending along the CD of the Bach Cantatas. I'm listening to the recording as I type, and it sounds fantastic! Not only does the CD sound super, but the graphic design is so elegant, too. Many congrats on your fine work! I hope we can have you involved in a project again soon!"

Howard Helvey, nationally recognized composer and pianist

"OH. MY. GOSH. I just watched/listened..... Michael you are INCREDIBLE! I mean I know you are a professional but this is just next level! Amazing videography, absolutely stunning sound quality. 100% yes!!!!!!"

Ariadne Antipa, pianist

"I just wanted to personally thank you again for doing such a phenomenal job recording my recital at Xavier. Quite frankly I'm shocked how good you managed to get it to sound given the difficult acoustics of the hall. I have a lot of classical recordings and a very revealing headphone setup (Grado RS1 through a Melos amplifier) and your recording sounds better than 95% of the professionally mastered classical recordings in my collection."

Jonathan Dandrow, pianist

"Your CDs arrived a few days ago, but it was not until last night that I could listen to them. I was stunned. In the church acoustic, the organ is unbelievably rich when necessary for Langlais or Purvis, yet counterpoint is quite clear in Bach. I simply cannot get over it. Thank heaven you did not record too close to the organ, a common error in even the best of organ recordings."

Dr. Harry Wilkinson, Honorary College Organist of Girard College, Philadelphia

"Thank you for these excellent CD masters. You've done incredible work! Words will never convey my gratitude."

Charles Hogan, director of Faburden vocal ensemble

"You were not kidding about the CD. It sounds great on every level and everyone in our group loves the sound and quality that comes forth from a “live" performance. I’ve even received responses from a lot of my friends about how great it sounds and how they cannot take it out of their player. While I’ll be leaving Miami next year, we’ll be sure to keep you in mind for further recordings. It really does sound amazing and I know will help fundraise a lot for the Miami Men’s Glee Club. Thanks once again for all of your help and a great recording."

Brandon Rein, Miami University Glee Club