We specialize in classical and acoustic music recording on location. This is a highly specialized area of music recording that studio engineers are rarely equipped to perform. Our approach to recording varies based on venue acoustics, repertoire, and instrumentation, but in all cases, we record in a way that best serves the music. While using professional recording equipment is important, nothing is more crucial than having an engineer who possesses the extensive recording experience and the musical knowledge and sensitivity to enable effective collaboration with the artist, thereby creating a comfortable and productive environment for them to best achieve their goals.

We have advance knowledge of the venues we record in, study the repertoire to be recorded, and plan our equipment choices and approach to most effectively capture the occasion in ultra-high resolution 24-bit or Direct Stream Digital sound. We also offer one- or two-camera video services for recitals, concerts and auditions. All video is captured in full HD and is married to our high resolution audio in post-production.


Post-production is what happens after the recording. The sonic equivalent of "photo-shopping" a picture, audio post-production is the essential process of editing, mixing, applying enhancements, eliminating blemishes, and mastering the final product for you to enjoy.

Editing is accomplished with thousandth-of-a-second precision using the most sophisticated modern software tools, enabling our clients to take comfort in the fact that we can edit most anything completely seamlessly. Mixing is the process of properly balancing and panning main and spot mics to create the musical soundstage. Enhancements include the tasteful addition of reverberation when musically desirable, and digital removal of unwanted noises such as HVAC rumble, coughs and squeaks. (We have even been known to magically increase the size of the audience in some lesser-attended performances we've recorded!) Mastering brings it all together, optimizing program level and dynamics.


Finally, we deliver the product to you, our valued collaborator. For audio products, this usually takes the form of high-resolution digital files for web distribution. We can also offer very short run CDs with attractive packaging containing custom-designed full color front inserts and on-disc labels. For video products, we offer full HD video files ready for viewing or uploading to your website, Facebook or YouTube. You will always receive the highest quality sound achievable given your delivery format of choice.

For special audio projects for mass production or label distribution, your approved master is converted to a DDP disc image that is delivered directly to the CD manufacturing facility complete with PQ codes. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority.